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  • Pastor Francisco Golon

    We are saddened to have experienced the death of our Team member and Ministry Partner, Pastor Francisco Golon, who passed away on Monday, June 22, 2020. He was born in Tiquisate, Guatemala.  His ministry began as a Church Planter for the Hispanic Ministries in Buena Park, Anaheim, and Artesia CA where he was a member and minister of the Christian Reformed Churches. Moving to Racine in 2007, he served at Racine and Kenosha Christian Reformed Churches and originated The Great Commission Hispanic Ministries (La Gran Comision) where he served until his retirement in February of this year.  At the time of his death he had just completed his term as an Elder in the Racine Racine Christian Reformed Church.   We commend the Golon family to the care of our Loving Heavenly Father as they walk in this shadowy valley and trust that they may feel his presence with them each step of the way.    

  • June 7 Worship Plan


  • Reopen Plan information

    Dear members,

    During meetings this past week, the Council approved a phased plan to restart opportunities for in-person worship beginning on June 7.   Between now and June 7, we will continue to offer the on-line worship service experience that has become a part of our Sunday mornings since March 22.  We very much look forward to the day when we can ALL worship together again in a setting and format very similar to our worship gatherings prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Between now and that time, the Council has approved a phased plan that:

    Provides a safe and health conscious environment for each of us as we gather for worship.

    Addresses the expressed needs and desires of the congregation to begin worshipping together again.

    Meets the guidelines established by the City of Racine health department.

    To accomplish those goals, our worship plans beginning on June 7 include some changes from what we knew as “normal” just a few months back.   

    We will conduct one 9:30 AM Worship Service that is also live streamed for members that are either in the 50% of members not included in the invite for that week’s service,  unable to attend, should not be attending, or not comfortable attending just yet.   ( It is important for you to be aware that the live streaming option will only be available beginning at 9:30 AM….and, not whenever you click on the Facebook our YouTube link  that you have been using for the past 10 weeks) City of Racine guidelines restricts churches of our size to gatherings that do not exceed 25% of what our occupancy permit allows (380 for our sanctuary)  This means that we can  accommodate about 95 people , or about 50% of likely attendees for the weeks that this guideline remains in place. To make sure all who  desire in-person worship during this phase are able to do so safely and within City of Racine guidelines , we will offer   the opportunity for in person worship to  50% of our congregation each of the Sundays  in this opening phase. We will notify you in early June with a more exact plan for which half of us are able to meet in person on June 7….and which half on June 14. But, it’s fair to assume that a plan that uses our current Elder/Deacon districts and/or alphabetical splits of the congregation by last name will be employed.  During this phase the following changes would be instituted to insure that are gatherings are as safe and health conscious as they can be:

    No nursery

    No food or drink served following the service.  No tables/chairs would be set up in the social hall.

    Greetings involving touching (handshakes, hugs, etc.) would be discouraged…and greeting time at beginning of service would be verbal greetings only. We will not have welcome greeters at west entrance during Phase 1.

    Only open entrance would be double glass doors off parking lot on west side of church.

    All frequently touched services (including pews…using disinfecting spray like Lysol) would be sanitized both before and after the worship service.

    All books will be removed from the pews.

    Sanitizing hand pumps will be available at all entrances to church….and sanctuary.

    Members are encouraged to bring their own masks (if they prefer to wear a mask in public gatherings) However, we would also have a few disposable masks available at the sanitizing station if they were needed by someone who forgot.

    Offering plates will be on stands ….and available for receiving offerings at exits of sanctuary at close of service.

    No communion services will be planned during this phase.

    Seating in every other pew …. with different family units separated by 6 feet in the pew.   All people will be ushered in and asked to not select seats on their own.

    For Tracking purposes…Elders and Deacons will fill in a sheet showing who was there, and where they were seated in the church. In addition, we will take a photo all worshippers from the balcony during the worship service.  This photo will assist in providing additional tracking information if a COVID case is identified some days later by anyone that was at worship.

    A member of the MERT team will be in attendance at each service and seated in the social hall along with ERT team member. This will allow us to more quickly address any medical issues that may arise during the service.

    Singing will continue to be included in our worship gatherings. The risk of passing any virus will be mitigated by having all worshippers at least 6 feet apart.

    In addition to supporting the guidelines established for safe and health conscious worship, we ask that all members give careful consideration as to whether this is the correct time for you, personally, to participate in “in-person worship gatherings” once again.  All members need to make their own decision based on their own personal health and risk factors.  The CDC ( Center for Disease Control) summary of the factors that place a person at higher risk are:

    Elderly persons

    People who live in a nursing home or long term care facility

    And, people of all ages with underlying medical conditions, including:

    Chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma

    Serious heart conditions

    Those who are Immunocompromised


    Chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis

    Liver disease

    We look forward to beginning our in-person worship gatherings once again …and,  are anxious to praise and glorify our Sovereign God together with you !    We will be sure to stay in contact with updates as June 7 comes closer…and, if any of the guidelines from the City of Racine health department change.   As always, feel free to contact any of us if we can help with anything…including any better explanation or understanding of the plans above.

    Serving Him….together with you

    The Council.


    Racine Health Department Guidelines for Religious Organizations


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