• Holy Week Flyer
  • What Does A mature Christian Look Like?

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    This question has been on my mind for years. When the elders of my congregation discussed visiting every household in the church, I was moved to pray, study, and try to answer this vital question all Christians should be asking – thus writing this booklet.

    Our plan is to give this booklet to our members, allow them time to work through it, and then meet with them to learn what Christ is doing in their lives. We expect to hear many joyful testimonies!

    I was encouraged to offer this booklet to the wider Church Body for similar use. Other uses might be for Sunday school classes, small group Bible studies and fellowship groups. It could be a valuable tool for family devotions as well.

    It is my prayer that the Lord will use this question to spark your interest and the following material to bless you and glorify the name of Christ.

    Douglas L. Aldrink