About Us

Our Purpose


To Delight in God and Proclaim the Truth in Love.


The Truth that Compels Us to Fulfill Our Purpose


Absolute truth about God...is there such a thing?  Well, God is infinite and therefore our finite minds certainly cannot know and understand all that He is and does.  However, He himself has revealed with clarity what He wants us to know about Him and this has been recorded in the Bible.  This is absolute, unchanging truth, and it does indeed compel us to fulfill our purpose.


Concerning our “Delight in God”


God created people to experience perfect, flawless delight in Him.  The first people created by God, Adam and Eve, did so until they sinned.  They loved God and worshiped Him/ God loved them and provided for them; and under God's rule they knew ideal fellowship.  Not one speck of misery was part of their lives.  By becoming a disciple of Jesus we learn again that we must find our delight in Him.  (For the full story, see the sheet called “Delighting in God.)


Concerning our “Proclaiming the Truth in Love”


We are committed to helping people from all nations become disciples of Jesus and delight in God with us.  We are proclaiming the Truth in love unto this end.