Worship Services

Morning Worship - 9:30 AM


Children ages 3 through 5 pray with the Pastor to start their children's worship time before leaving. This happens before the sermon. Nursery is provided.


Evening Worship - 4PM on 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month 



Special Worship Services


Maundy Thursday - A 5:30 PM  Potluck dinner is followed by a Maundy Thursday service (including communion)  @ 6:30 PM


Easter Morning -  A Sunrise service at 7 AM....followed by a breakfast for all worshippers....and then, morning worship at 9:30 AM is  our traditional start to Easter morning. No Sunday evening service is conducted on Easter.


Christmas Eve - a special Christmas Eve candlelight service on the evening of December 24


Christmas Celebration Worship on Christmas morning  at 9:30 AM


Thanksgiving Service at 9:30 AM on Thanksgiving morning.


New Years Eve - A service recalling God's blessing over the past year is conducted on the final Sunday evening service of the year