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About Racine Christian Reformed Church

Racine Christian Reformed Church invites you to come and worship with us. If you are seeking a church home, we invite you to join our fellowship.

Our Purpose

To Delight in God and Proclaim the Truth in Love.


Our Name

We call ourselves “Racine” because we are called by God to serve him in the church and in our community.

We call ourselves “Christian” because we belong to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and we seek to serve and obey him in all of life as he directs us through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

We call ourselves “Reformed” because we continually reexamine our teaching and lifestyle in terms of the Bible, as the 16th century Protestant reformers did.

The Bible alone is our divinely inspired, authoritative standard for faith and life. Read more about the Christian Reformed denomination.


Our Observance of the Sacraments

We recognize and administer the two sacraments instituted by our Lord: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper (Communion). We celebrate the Lord’s Supper at least 6 times a year, normally every other month and on Maundy Thursday.