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Our Mission Statement is:

Delighting in God and proclaiming the truth in love.


Our Vision Statement is:

We delight in offering ourselves wholly to God in worship.

We accomplish this through unity of purpose, diversity of culture, and selfless participation by all generations. Along with our own church body we seek to promote the Church Universal through community wide worship by bringing together Christians of all backgrounds to collectively praise our God. We look to the Holy Spirit with expectation to guide us in expressing our love to God in a way that is pleasing to him. And to lead us in joyful praise we seek to develop passionate leaders for all aspects of the worship experience.

We delight in being transformed to become more like Christ.

We pursue this transformation with the Bible as our guide and the Holy Spirit as our helper. This process develops the use of God given gifts, personal devotional discipline and prayer, biblical knowledge, skilled and dedicated leaders, and a sense of belonging for all members. As members we are part of a family, God’s family, and it is within this family that God enables us to grow together in faith and where we encourage each other to thankful God honoring service.

We delight in sharing God’s love with our neighbor.

We share this love in order to win the community of Racine and beyond to Jesus Christ. We strive to effectively share the hope of Christ’s redeeming love in word and in deed. Christ shows us compassion and mercy every day and we strive to show the same to those God brings before us. Then, as people are drawn to the light of the Truth we seek to embrace them as brothers and sisters as we mentor and guide them into active participation and leadership opportunities.