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2021 Serve Project Racine, WI

Share Time

The purpose of the RCRC Diaconate is to show love, kindness and mercy to those who are in need and to
encourage the congregation in the same.

Outreach to the congregation
1. Senior Christmas Brunch: an annual celebration is held for members over the age of 64
2. Servicemen and women and College Students - Notes/cards/gifts and words of encouragement are sent periodically.
3. Meals & Transportation - deacons oversee the providing of meals and transportation for those in the congregation who are experiencing illness or who need a ride to church services or the Friendship Group.
4. Visiting - Regular visits to encourage the chronically ill/shut-ins/elderly of the congregation

Outreach to the Local Community
1. Harvest Outreach - Collecting food on a monthly basis and providing volunteers every other month to work in the food pantry.
2. Benevolence gifts - Benevolence gifts: the deacons provide financial assistance for those in crisis with such needs as money for rent, gas, food, emergency shelter, or medical attention on behalf of the congregation.
3. The deacons organize participation in local outreach events.
4. The deacons oversee the local SERVE Racine project, which provides home repair services and yard clean-up while bringing the hope of the gospel to those who are hurting in our community. The deacons have worked with Habitat for Humanity in the past and are currently partnering with Racine Revitalization Partnership.

Outreach to the Global Community
1. Peterfish Collection Banks: the deacons oversee the annual collection of coins and bills for an offering for World Renew to combat world hunger. The children of the church participate in this in several ways.
2. The deacons suggest an annual Giving Project, often for World Renew to use as they provide humanitarian relief around the world. Past projects have included wheelchairs, education materials, disaster relief supplies, a mobile library, and latrines. 
3. Disaster Relief: trips have been organized to provide disaster relief. Small groups of volunteers have gone to Joplin, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, and Charleston, West Virginia.

To learn more about World Renew, click here.